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Over the last several years, New Vistas Board, staff, volunteers, community agencies, consumers and families have helped change how New Vistas operates. We strive to be very cost effective in each program, while at the same time attempting to have our salaries and contracts reflect competitive market place standards.

Microbusiness staff continue to perform a variety of assembly jobs for two large corporations under contract with New Vistas. All assembly contracts with New Vistas have to be valued at a minimum of $24,000 per year.

The New Vistas microbusiness has the following key goals:

Generate surplus revenues to financially support the mission of New Vistas. This endeavor reflects New Vistas leadership’s intent to further diversify New Vistas funding streams.

Generate sufficient revenues to grow the microbusiness. This represents New Vistas effort to become more independent from the traditional government related funding while at the same time advocating for adequate public funding for services to any age person with a disability. New Vistas is currently developing and growing with new manufacturing technologies.