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Early Childhood Development

Many parents bring us questions and concerns about their child’s development.
Parents often wonder about certain skills and behaviors observed in their child. Common questions like: Is this typical for their age? Should I just wait and see? What should I be looking for? Shouldn’t my child be sleeping through the night, sitting up, walking, or talking by now? These questions are good. They are the signs of an attentive and caring parent— the important thing is to find the answers and support you need.

Early intervention helps your child.
If there is a slight risk, or a temporary issue, it’s far better to address it right away. Many children and their families accomplish what they need after engaging our program for a few short months; other children work with us for their first three years. In either case the bottom line is: the earlier the intervention, the more effective it is.

That’s why if you have questions or concerns, it is very important not to delay. Early evaluation and intervention are the primary reason that 38% of the children who graduate from our birth through three program require no additional special assistance.

Early intervention really works.
According to the US Department of Education and over 50 years of research, evidence shows that early intervention increases the developmental and educational gains of a child. With intervention at birth or soon after the diagnosis of a disability (or high risk factors), the likelihood of developmental problems is significantly reduced.

Early intervention supports families.

"What I appreciate most about New Vistas is the entire team's commitment to my child. Everyone we have worked with has a universally high level of skill and offers impressive support." - New Vistas Parent

"Before we started with New Vistas I wondered if my child experienced much joy. Now it is unmistakable that he is a very happy and joyful child. I attribute much of this to the opening up his therapy has allowed him. They truly helped me to better understand my child." - New Vistas Parent