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Disability Support & Advocacy

Living with a disability isn’t exactly simple
There are hundreds of types of disabilities, and countless resources, programs, institutions, groups and services that could help. But for many individuals with disabilities, this can be very difficult and confusing to navigate. The specific needs dictated by a disability are often personal and relatively unique, and some disabilities make negotiating with other people, organizing applications, getting where you need to go or even understanding what is being said a very frustrating challenge.

This is why New Vistas offers Disability Support and Advocacy
We are a group of advocates who are fluent in the wide and complex network of disability support. We understand the area we live in inside and out and can help find the answer to many questions concerned with living with disabilities in northern New Mexico. We have our ear to the ground for new opportunities, changes in legal systems, and important resources inside the world of disability.

Some common requests include:

  1. Where can I find a support group, get orthotics, mental health services, affordable & accessible housing?
  2. Questions about Medicaid, transportation, legislation, doctors, realtors and counselors.
  3. I’m looking to find training or classes, a caregiver or an assistance animal.
  4. I need help talking to my landlord, the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, my boss, my employer.
  5. I’m from another part of the country and am interested in visiting or moving to New Mexico.
  6. Could you help me fill out my applications, or accompany me at an upcoming meeting?

We do a lot.
There is no “one thing” that we do. Our consumers don’t fall neatly into categories. Every challenge is unique. We’re here to provide guidance and support, to help individuals, families and friends understand and cope with disabilities, increasing well being, self-reliance, and independence.