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Legislative Action Team

New Vistas Legislative Action Team is comprised of various community members, staff, and Board members participating in several different ways.

First we have a Steering Committee with consumers, staff and Board members who meet regularly to set priorities, strategies, and plan activities (attending legislative interim and regular committee meetings, ask for phone calls or e-mails to legislators or executive staff members, attend state sponsored program meetings or hearings etc.)

Next we have consumers, community members, Board and staff members who make phone calls, send e-mails, make personal appearances or make formal presentations on behalf of specific legislative issues. If you would like to be on our phone tree or action alert email list, or would like to receive our periodic email newsletter, please contact one of our advocates at 505-471-1001.

This grassroots approach to advocacy is now in its fourth year of formal organizing activity. We believe that each person’s voice counts towards developing a vital, vibrant and effective democracy. In particular, we are addressing the needs and concerns of individuals with disabilities, children with special needs and their families. We welcome your participation!


Below is a list of helpful websites concerning the Legislature:

Governor Susana Martinez
Lt. Governor John Sanchez
New Mexico Attorney General
New Mexico Legislature
Senator Martin Heinrich
Senator Tom Udall
Representative Ben Ray Lujan